BBC Archive Shows on iPlayer

The BBC periodically upload archive programmes I find particularly fascinating. Particular collections I find interesting are those on: London, Steam Railways, Post-War Architecture, Transport Revolutions and John Betjeman.

31st January 1968 – Contrasts: Marble Arch to Edgware – John Betjeman narrates this journey along busy streets.

4th January 1969 – I Love This Dirty Town – Margaret Drabble narrates this fascinating period piece looking at the problems of town planning.

3rd May 1969 –  How They Dug The Victoria Line – Story of the construction of the Victoria Line.

4th May 1969 – Omnibus: The More We Are Together – Profile of architect Eric Lyons, whose company builds modern suburban housing.

21st February 1979 – Where We Live Now: 3. New Town, Home Town – An investigation by Colin Ward into the current state of Britain’s New Towns.

14th September 1972 – Nairn Across Britain: 1. From London to Lancashire -Writer and journalist Ian Nairn takes a journey to the industrial North.

21st September 1972 – Nairn Across Britain: 2. Trans-Pennine Canal – Ian Nairn travels by boat along the canal across the Pennines.

28th September 1972 – Nairn Across Britain: 3. From Leeds Into Scotland – Ian Nairn travels by rail to Scotland to complete his series of journeys.

5th April 1985 – To the World’s End: Scenes and Characters on a London Bus Route – a wonderful tracking of travel on and around the 31 bus, Camden Town to Chelsea in London.

28th November 1995 – The Limit: Trickiest Tunnel – Documentary examining the technical issues of building the Jubilee Line Extension

24th April 1996 – Modern Times: Streetwise – Behind the scenes look at taxi drivers learning the knowledge in London.

29th April 2000 – One Foot In The Past: Transport – A celebration of public transport.