This is the personal site of Alex Ingram for him to ramble on about life, work, transport, and so on in cities (and beyond). I cycle a lot and cycling is a hot topic where I live in London so it comes up a lot, but it isn’t the totality of what I care about or what I think can be improved.

I chose this name for the blog after a year or two of calling it Amble Scope, but that was a weak pun so instead I’ve named it on what the blog actually is and an allusion to the Wim Wenders film Alice in the Cities.

Posts on this site are sometimes re-posted from their original location either on nuttyxander.com, my long-running personal blog (since 2000) or from hfcyclists, the London Cycling Campaign group in Hammersmith and Fulham I chaired and was an active member of for some years.

If you need to contact me, please use the form below or grab me on social media.