STATS19 and AADF data


I have undertaken a range of work on STATS19 and other data in recent months. I currently publish these using Google Fusion Tables but am working towards a more open source tools based approach.

Transport for London STATS19 Extract (newly added with 2014 data in June)

Department for Transport STATS19 (due for an update with 2014 data in early July)

AADF Traffic Data

I have a straightforward map for using the DfT AADF traffic data. This is also currently on Google Fusion Tables.

DfT Annual Average Daily Flow Traffic Data Mapped (2000-2014)

Other Casualty Maps Are Available

I’m not the only one doing this kind of work, though others generally only work from the Department for Transport data. Alternative maps include:

ITO World Road Casualty map 2000-2010

Cyclestreets Casualty map 2005-2010

Department for Transport Casualty Map 2005-2012

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