Road Safety

Volvo Trucks have an app for you…

OK, you are Volvo – you make cars, you make trucks. Naturally therefore you make apps to market things. So why not make an app about truck driving for android or iOS?

Photo 07-03-2015 16 41 26

After all, that’s some engine. And twenty five years is a long time. So make an app. But make it simple, so rather than driving the truck maybe some kind of an obstacle game?

Photo 07-03-2015 15 48 27

Obviously if you’re shoving people aside make them part of an out-group – a fast racer, a fat scooter rider or fashion conscious surfers.

Photo 07-03-2015 16 41 38

Indeed, even the other vehicles are out-groups, pickup trucks, coaches, cars towing boats, a huge fish strapped on a 4×4 and ice cream vans.

Photo 07-03-2015 16 44 18

Obviously there are Volvo billboards every now and then with the slogan “Volvo Trucks – Driving Progress”.

Photo 07-03-2015 15 54 31

And Volvo even saw fit to include achievements for “removing” other vehicles from the road.

Photo 07-03-2015 16 40 57

Have a watch of this video of the gameplay, I think this is just mad. I mean, if I was trying to make a spoof game I don’t think it would be much different.

But, Alex, you might say, this is ages old I mean it was made in 2011, and it’s not like Volvo are maintaining this game to keep it available.

Screenshot 2015-03-07 17.16.26But no, they’re still maintaining it to work on the latest devices (slowly).

Though it is alarmingly easy to drive through the objects you’re meant to be avoiding.

nuttiPad-20150307165342_7 Mar 2015 23.15.27

It’s a rubbish game, it’s a ridiculous waste of Volvo’s money and it’s possibly reinforcing attitudes on the road that are dangerous.

But I think this is more of an offensive oddity when the real problem is Volvo lobbying to get safer lorries delayed in the EU. That’s simply inexcusable. I don’t want games about trucks, I want trucks in our cities to be admitted only when they aren’t complete with huge blind spots that have been found to kill again and again.