Outstanding Announcements

A brief note of outstanding announcements, primarily on cycling

TfL Superhighways announcement, originally due February 2014
Unknown if this will still happen. Some updates in pieces given to TfL boards already, further details of future updates below. I have made my own guess in the meantime.
Leon Daniels update to TfL board on Cycling
Due to Finance and Policy and Committee in October/November 2014 (slide 43 on this presentation)
Then due to TfL board by February 2015 (board meeting action list 3rd July 2014)
TfL TRL trials outcomes and reports
Due for publication later in 2014. (TRL Cycling Innovations Trials)
TfL International Cycle Benchmarking Study, due early 2014
Previewed at Look Mum No Hands in December 2013, online in two videos.
UK Government’s Cycling Delivery Plan
Later in 2014 (Hansard, 26 March 2014).

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