The Bike Show

Selected highlights from The Bike Show, as presented by Jack Thurston over the years. An essential archive of chat about cycling in London over the years. In chronological order. Most of this I remember listening to at the time, but it took a lot of years of Jack passing on stern news about cycling for me to properly pay attention!


31st January 2005

 A chat with Rose Ades, then head of cycling at TFL, followed by a chat with a bike trainer from Cycling UK. Rose narrates a ride from Bermondsey to Victoria with Jack, and tries to extoll the virtues of cycling in a lower traffic centre based on the congestion charge. Ends with some chat about critical mass and Jack finally realising the Ding Dong bell is best (as he should).

13th October 2008 – Emergency – Lorries Killing Cyclists

A show focussing entirely on Lorry Danger in London

8th August 2011Blackfriars and Beyond

Covering the battle over Blackfriars Bridge in summer 2011

16th April 2013 – A Bright New Dawn for Cycling in London?

Covering the announcement of the Mayor’s Vision For Cycling

2nd May 2013 What it Really Means to Go Dutch

A very long and enjoyable interview with David Hembrow

8th July 2014Rolling with Klaus

A very enjoyable roll with Klaus Bondham once of the Danish Cycle Embassy and a trip to the Hackney cycle conference.



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