Name change!

Welcome to Alex in the Cities. Yes, I’ve finally decided to rename Amble Scope. It was a rubbish name, and I needed something a bit better that made sense. Also, I was trying to make a logo for the site and got really stuck.

How stuck?

Well, I tried something involving a scope and some ambling:

Amble Scope logo

Then I just tried the words:

Screenshot 2015-07-18 20.09.39

Rubbish. So I pedalled off and had a think…


…I spent ages thinking and considering combinations of words, and then I thought about how basically what I’m doing is looking at a sulky kid (the UK) holding it up to an impossible continental ideal…


…having short lived attempts to meet people in Amsterdam and pondering about cool trains. Basically, I’m living Alice in the Cities. At that point it was obvious.


So, now this is Alex in the Cities.

And I suppose it’s finally time for that trip to Wuppertal.


After all, it looks very exciting


And just in case you’ve never seen Alice in the Cities, the trailer should give you a flavour:

It’s sort of the perfect kerb nerd road movie. Until one of us makes one.

Boring technical note

I’ll keep the old domain name of live and pointing at the same site as this and the same posts as before for a year or two at least, but everything henceforth points at the new domain of instead.

Artistic note

Making a logo gets no easier!

First I doodled on a post-it note.


Then I had a go on a bit of paper


Then I tried on the computer


Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.18.24

Then I thought I’d have a rethink on the post-it note again


And then one more go…


Before I had something I thought I could actually use!


But I suspect I’ll keep redrawing it until I like it. Still, the name should stick now!